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About Our Company

At TLC Painting & Decorating , our residential services include quality painting services for both exterior and interior spaces. Interior painting is more detailed in terms of decorations while exterior painting focuses on both aesthetics and durability. Either way, it is crucial to choose the right painter for your next project for the best result.


Experienced Professionals

With a long time of proficient portray involvement, you'll be beyond any doubt of the most excellent result on your house pointing project. Our project experts will treat your domestic with the most extreme care and consideration. Our staff is well-trained and they know their stuff — we ensure our clients top-notch, dependable benefit at the lowest cost possible. 


Unique Pricing

Every project is unique. That's why we work with our clients to understand their needs and create a custom proposal for each and every project.


Payment type - cash , check , credit card 


Premium Quality

We use high quality premium paint from Sherwin Williams and Dunn Edwards . Will use other products upon request . 

Why Hire Us?

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